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Personal Injury Attorney in Commack, New York

Injured Due to Another’s Negligence?

Work with A Personal Injury Lawyer Near Commack, NY and The Surrounding Areas

Have you been injured because someone else was careless? Perhaps you were hurt in an auto accident, and so would like assistance from a lawyer to receive compensation. Or, maybe you slipped and fell due to an improperly-maintained area, and so have been looking for an injury law firm for assistance. Douglas Reda is a personal injury lawyer who is able to help if you’re near Commack, NY, or the surrounding areas. When you call him for assistance, he can:

  • Assist you in filing a lawsuit.

  • Direct you towards a suitable healthcare provider.

  • Negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

  • Keep a record of property damage, if need be.

You Deserve Just Compensation

Trust an Auto Accident Lawyer to Help Defend Your Rights

Douglas Reda is a personal injury lawyer who will work with you personally. He can assist with the following case types:

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents can lead to major injuries and large bills. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you may be able to receive financial damages for your injuries.

  • Slip and Falls: If a property owner doesn’t take care of their land properly (or does not warn of dangerous situations), then they may be liable for injuries. You can receive compensation for injuries caused by a slip and fall due to another’s negligence.

  • Construction Accidents: Construction sites can be somewhat dangerous areas. If you are injured due to another while you’re on the site, you may be entitled to compensation.

  • Wrongful Death: Sometimes, the unthinkable happens, and a loved one is killed due to another’s negligence. If this happens, Douglas Reda can help you through your case.

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Personal injury lawyer Douglas Reda can help individuals near the following locations:

  • Nassau County, NY

  • Suffolk County, NY

  • Commack, NY

  • Central Islip, NY

  • Smithtown, NY

  • Huntington, NY

  • Westbury, NY

  • Garden City, NY

  • The Bronx, NY

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • Queens, NY

  • Manhattan, NY

  • Staten Island, NY

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